Why choose Oasis Car Wash

Oasis Car Wash provides a modern car and dog wash facility located in the Logan city area. We are very passionate about providing a satisfying washing experience to our customers.

Why us?

Oasis car wash gives your car a complete cleaning service. Our customers choose us for the value we provide them through our service. Our versatile services and responsive attitude is what makes us special. Here is a little more about what sets us apart from any other provider.

Car wash and Dog wash at the same place

We provide two completely different services at once: care wash and dog wash; where both could take a lot of time and dedication and we’ll do it with quality and at fast pace. If you are a dog lover and travel with your dog, then our facility can be a great place for you. You will not have to move from one destination to another to get both services done. Sounds convenient? Why not give it a try and see if it facilitates your life?!

Car wash of your choice

If you are in a rush and don’t have time to wash your car you can use our automated car wash system and get it done within a few minutes. Don’t want to take an automated car wash? No problem. We have our self-service car wash facility where you can hand wash your car. This way you can get your manual car wash without getting your garage messy. We have all the materials for you to use on our self-service car wash. Just pay us a visit and see how easy car cleaning can get.

We take care of your car Interior

We take care of your untidy and dirty car’s interior and make it look new. We will provide you with vacuum cleaning facility, taking away all the dirt, food crumbs and every sort of unwanted things that makes the interior dirty. Afterwards, you can add the fragrance of your choice.

We are in Logan City, 24/7

We are open every day, 24/7, for your convenience. If you live near or are planning to pay a visit to Logan city, you will find us ready with our car wash and dog wash facility in Browns Plains and Marsden.

We help you get a good resale value

We have a variety of services that will make your car look as good as new which can help you get a higher resale value.

Oasis car wash is the place where service shines and our helpful staff are waiting to assist you if needed. So, don’t forget to call us on 1300 662 747 (Browns Plains, QLD 4118) and 1300 662 747 (Marsden, QLD 4132). We would love to see you.