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jet ski, boat,trailer, campervan, motorbike and even the family dog!

FAQ’s about our Logan City car wash and dog wash

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Unless you get to the car wash before it dries, there is no guarantee the Laser Wash will remove droppings.  If you are concerned you can use the manual self serve bays first to remove any problem areas and then use the express Laser Wash.

The Laser Wash is an untouched wash and if used regularly will keep your car spotless. However, if you haven’t washed your car in weeks, we recommend using the manual self-serve bays for a complete clean every 4-6 weeks and then the automatic Laser Wash weekly to get the best result.

The maximum clearance height of the Laser Wash is 2.1m

It takes an average of 6 minutes.

Yes, all of our Laser Wash entry systems take credit/debit cards, notes, $1 and $2 coins.

On average, it takes approx. 15 minutes and costs between $10-$15.

Yes, we have change machines on site that can change your notes for $1 & $2 coins.

No, you cannot use the vacuums to suck up any liquid.

It will cost you a minimum of $10.00 which is also the average cost to wash a dog in our dog wash.

No, we only offer DIY services or the automatic Laser Wash.express

Yes, all facilities are available 24/7, every day of the year, rain, hail or shine.