History of the car wash

History of the car wash

When you purchase a car, washing it becomes an integral part of life. A glossy and squeaky-clean car will not only boost your confidence but will also save you from the cost of frequent paint jobs. However, car wash system has not always been like this- it has upgraded and changed a lot.

Let’s get to know about the history of the car wash-

By hand

Many years ago, cars were washed either by the car’s owner or a paid worker: by hand. There was no other alternative. This went on till the early 20th century.

Automated Laundry

In 1914, the first car wash business was launched and it was called “Automated Laundry”. Though it was named automated, there was nothing automatic about it. In the facility, people used to push the car inside a tunnel and as it passed through, people would manually soap, rinse and dry the car.

Conveyor Car Wash

In 1940, another dimension added in the car wash system. Instead of men pushing the car, a winch system was added that conveyed the car inside the tunnel where people would soap, rinse and dry the car just like before.

Semi-automatic car wash

In 1946, the semi-automatic car wash was invented. In this car wash, most of the manual labour was taken away. Here cars were dragged automatically inside the tunnel. There was an overhead sprinkler that rinsed the car and a blower that dried the car- at this stage brushing the car was still done by men manually.

Automatic car wash

Finally, in 1951 the car wash was fully automated. Cars would be pulled automatically inside the tunnel where it would be rinsed, soaped and dried automatically without any labour.

Fully Mechanized Car wash

In the 1960s, there were a lot of developments in the car wash system. The car wash became fully mechanized. It embraced inventions like water recirculating system, wraparound brush, improved conveyor system, etc.

Modern Car Wash

After the 60s car wash industry transformed and started booming. Now, modern car wash doesn’t only wash the 5 sides of a car but also washes the tyre and the undercarriage of the car. It also has adapted technologies that allow safe cleaning and eco-friendly wash system.

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