Browns Plains

Visit our state of the art car wash facilities anytime to get a superior clean for your car,
jet ski, boat,trailer, campervan, motorbike and even the family dog!

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About our Browns Plains car wash and dog wash facilities

Our clean and modern Browns Plains car wash and dog wash facilities are a convenient, time saving, and money saving ecofriendly way to keep your car, jet-ski, boat, caravan, and motorbike clean.

Our Browns Plains facilities have 2 express auto car wash bays, 3 self serve car wash bays and 2 dog wash areas. Our car wash and dog wash bays are open 24/7 and are all user friendly and easy to operate. Our machines accept Australian currency only and we have a change machine for breaking notes or changing coins.

During the hours of 7:00 am and 1:00 pm Monday to Sunday we have staff onsite who can give you the required change using our EFTPOS machine  (weather permitting).

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Express Auto Car Wash

Our auto express car wash has an intelligent laser system which scans 360 degrees around your vehicle to determine height and length. It then intelligently cleans your car using the latest in touchless technology and the best available car wash products.

Self Serve Car Wash

We provide the facilities and all the equipment and products you’ll need to get a superior clean in the shortest amount of time using our self serve car wash bays.

Dog Wash

Don’t forget the family dog! We have a secure and clean dog wash area, perfect for washing your dog without you getting soaked.

VIP Membership

With our VIP car wash membership, you can wash your car once every day if you wish! We recommend a thorough car wash once a week to keep your car looking great and protect it from dirt and road grime.

Car Vacuums, Fragrance Machine and Car Wash Vending Products

Right by our change machines, by the self-serve car wash bays, you’ll find our vending machines open for business 24 hours a day. Whether you wash your car, vacuum your car or both, you can add some extra care and attention using our quality car wash vending products.