Express Auto Car Wash

Visit our state of the art car wash facilities anytime to get a superior clean for your car,
jet ski, boat,trailer, campervan, motorbike and even the family dog!

An environmentally responsible car wash for Logan City drivers on the go!

Not everyone has the facilities to wash their car at home and even if you do, waste water from the car wash, which can include chemicals, eventually ends up in our waterways. If you use water and car cleaning products at home to wash your car it will result in a range of pollutants flowing into stormwater drains, creeks, rivers, and oceans. You can avoid this by using our convenient 24-hour car wash facilities which include an express auto car wash bay.

At Oasis Car Wash, you can wash your car guilt free, knowing that we clean and treat 100% of our used water and are committed to providing only the best ecofriendly techniques and products available on the market.

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How our express auto car wash works

If you want a thorough clean for your vehicle and you’re in a hurry, our touchless express auto car wash will let you be on your way in under 8 minutes. With 2 bays at our Browns Plains location and 1 bay at our Marsden location, you simply drive in, choose the level of wash you want, pay, and sit back and let our machine get to work.

Our express auto car wash facilities all have a state-of-the art 360-degree laser which detects the dimensions and height of your vehicle. This allows the car wash to perform a superior touch free wash using a process that can include an underbody wash, a pre-soak, double soap wash, high pressure rinse, foaming polish, rain rinse, and a clear coat protectant. This fast and thorough wash is finished with a spot free rinse and optional Double Ezi Dry. Most drivers choose our premium option to take advantage of the full cleaning and finishing features available.

If you prefer to get in and do things yourself, learn more about our Self Serve Car Wash bays.

Unlike traditional drive through car wash facilities, with our touchless wash system, there is no potential of anything mechanical to damage or scratch your car in any way.

Although all our car wash bays are open all day every day (24/7/365) you’ll find friendly and helpful staff onsite every day between 7:00am and 1:00pm (weather permitting).

Our 2 Logan City locations are Browns Plains 1300 662 747 and Marsden 1300 662 747.