Tips for Washing Dogs

Giving a dog a shower can certainly be considered to be a very challenging task. They do not like to get washed at all. Some say it is due to the excessive contact with water, some say it is due to the sound of running water. Whatever the reason might be, it still remains as a mystery that has not been revealed. What we know for certain is that there are a few ways to make the process significantly easier. Here are a few tips for your washing dogs. 

Avoid a scuffle with your dog

You should never scuffle with your dog to give him/her a wash. What you should do is gradually get your dog accustomed to the place of shower by putting him/her in a mock bath or the tub when it’s dry. Replace the mock bath with a real dog wash one day and continue the process.

One shower a month

Avoid giving your dog excessive showers. Dogs are generally good to go a whole month with a single shower, as excessive showers often leads to skin irritation and scratching for dogs.

Tub selection dilemma

Picking the right tub is a vital part of the whole process of giving your dog a proper dog wash. It is recommended to put in a rubber mat in the surface of the tub so that your dog can get a good grip on itself while you prep him/her for the wash.

Get the right shampoo 

It is ill-advised to use a human shampoo on dogs. Dogs have different needs to that of us humans. Special dog shampoos with accurate pH balance should be used in the washing process. Wait till your dog is dry to brush

Before giving your dog the final brush, give them adequate time to dry off the excessive water and moisture. Usually even after drying your dog with a towel, they will still carry a little bit moisture and water with them.

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