Things that can damage car paint

Things that can damage car paint

Trying to protect your car paint without knowing what damages it, is like teaching your dog how to talk. If you are here to learn what damages the paint of your car, then you are taking a great step towards sustaining the looks of your car.

You will be very surprised to know what makes your car paint damaged over time.

Fingerprints on a dusty car

Forgot to do a car wash? There’s dust all over it? Don’t worry, someone will come and remind you to clean by writing something on the dusty exterior. But this can grind dirt and debris to your paint and leave small marks.

Sunlight for a long period

If you leave your car exposed under the sunlight for too long it will damage the paint of your car. So, always park your car in the shade or garage.

Tree sap

Leaving your car under a tree to get protection from the sunlight might seem like an option but this too can harm the paint of your car. Tree saps make car cleaning very difficult as they are very hard to remove and there is a risk of scratching the paint while removing it.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings on your car will not only look gross but will damage the paint as bird droppings are acidic and acidic compounds damage car paint. So try to remove it gently before it dries off.

Faulty cleaning

Washing your car frequently can keep the painting in good conditions but washing it incorrectly can make it worse. Here are the mistakes that you can make while washing your car:

– Cleaning the car with an unclean cloth
– Not rinsing the car properly before cleaning
– Cleaning with a sponge
– Using a wrong soap for cleaning.

You can get a fully automated car wash from Oasis Car Wash which will clean your car safely.

Food, Coffee and Soda

If you are the person who likes eating food and drinking soda on the go or have coffee on your way to work, then always be careful. Spilling them on the exterior of your car can damage the paint.

Fuel Stains

If not wiped out rapidly a fuel like petrol, diesel, brake fluid or engine oil when dropped on the paint of your car will leave a mark.

Regular car wash and careful maintenance can make the car paint shine for a prolonged period. If you want to know more about car paint then you can contact Oasis Car Wash. Call us on 1300 662 747 (Browns Plains, QLD 4118) and 1300 662 747 (Marsden, QLD 4132)