First aid tips for dog owners

First aid tips for dog owners

We know how much you love your little furry friend and that’s why it’s really important for you to know what to do if they are ill or injured. Here are a few first aid tips for your dog-

Keep a first aid box

Always have a first aid box in your house for the dog. This first aid box should contain gauze and bandage (for treating wounds), thermometer (to measure body temperature), milk of magnesia (For absorbing poison) and most importantly contact information of the nearest vet or clinic.

Heat Stroke

If you see symptoms like excessive drooling, reddened gums or panting, then your dog is probably having a heatstroke. On this situation, try to cool your dog with a damp or cool towel and take your dog to the nearest vet. Do not attempt a dog wash with cold water as this may shock the dog’s system.


Try to press a gauze and hold it firmly on the wound so that bleeding stops or at least reduces. Contact a vet to lower the risk of infection and other serious damages.


If you find your dog pale and shivering, then there is a chance your dog has hypothermia. If your pet has been overexposed to cold, it might cause such condition. In a situation like this, you need to keep your dog warm with a blanket and visit a vet soon.


If you feel that your dog is choking then try to see inside its mouth if something is stuck there or not. You can use tweezers to get the foreign object out. Otherwise, you should take your pet to the nearest vet as soon as possible.


Muzzle your dog and place an ice water compress on the burnt area. Do wash the burnt area if your dog was burnt from a chemical source.

We all know that precaution is better than cure. So, make your home pet-friendly and keep an eye on your dog as much as possible. To prevent your dog to feel the discomfort of being dirty, come use our self-service dog wash at Oasis Car Wash.