5 Car wash Dos and Don’ts for beginners

5 Car wash Dos and Don’ts for beginners N

Experts suggest washing a car at least once in every two weeks. Knowing how to wash the car properly will not only make your car look cleaner but will also protect its paint. You may have a few misconceptions about the car wash but now, we will discuss 5 dos and don’ts that will help you wash your car.

Here are 5 beginner dos and don’ts that will help you wash your car.

Washing in sunny weather

Don’t: Do not wash your car under direct sunlight. Cleaning the car under the sun will make the soap and water dry very fast. This will make washing very difficult and will leave spots.
Do: Car cleaning should always be done under a shed. You should also make sure the exterior surface of the car is cool before you start cleaning.


Don’t: Only wash your car when it is evidentially dirty.
Do: Washing your car should be a routine thing. Try to wash your car once a week, especially if you are used to driving on dirt roads.


Do: The best way to start car washing is rinsing the loose dirt and debris off with mild soap water.
Don’t: You should not start the car cleaning without rinsing it without soap. If you start washing right away before cleaning these loose debris, they might scratch the paint of your car.



Don’t: The old fashion car washing is depended on a sponge but scrubbing with a sponge might scratch the painted exterior surface of your car and diminish the quality of the paint.
Do: You should use a microfiber cloth or towel to wash your car. Do not rub in circular motion as it leaves water spots, rather try moving side to side and up and down for better results.


Don’t: There is a common misconception about the importance of the soap you use to clean your car. Many people use detergent for instance, and the problem with using detergent is that it can damage the car’s paint.
Do: Use soap that is made specifically for car wash.

A proper car wash is very necessary for prolonging the quality of your paint. Why not leave the car washing with the experts and see the result by yourself? For any help regarding car washing, you can come to Oasis Car Wash and get an instant solution.